Isolde Kille describes her work as calculated counter acts in our current culture and environment. Working in painting and sculpture while documenting her processes in time and existence in video, she creates as a final result large environmental Installations, or living exhibits which are connecting the viewer, analog and on-line, to a non-linear form of thinking and dreamlike existence. 

"I am a desert artist. The last decade, I expanded my art production working on Apache and Mojave Cahuilla land. I work in multiple media, primarily in painting and sculpture, and I work on multiple works at once over extended periods in time. One dimension is informing the other. The surfaces are physically quite turbulent, in-cooperating weather elements such as earth, rain and sun exposure, and mirrors! Mirrors are signaling light reflections to communicate with the viewer, a metaphor of our fragmented self and an invitation to interact and reflect."

Born in Welver (Westphalia), Germany, Isolde Kille studied painting, photography and film at the art academies in Düsseldorf, Bremen, Dresden and Berlin. She holds a master’s degree in visual communication from the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany. In Berlin, Kille organized several art initiatives which connected her to the art market in the US and inspired her to move from Berlin to New York City in 1998. In 2000 she debut her spacial paintings at John Gibson Gallery, curated by David Gibson. Her work was presented by Lital Mehr Gallery in Chelsea, New York, has been reviewed by New York Times, Artnet among others and is in the collection of the Kupferstich Kabinett in Dresden, Germany as well as private collections in New York, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

She is the founder and curator of where she works with international video and performance artist to create on-line exhibitions. Since October 2022 she is a member of the artist social network Uncool Artist in New York. 

She lives and works in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.