“The Making of Unmaking, Part 1” featuring classic and contemporary artists. Artists featured are Robert Rauschenberg, Isolde Kille, Julie Schenkelberg, and Andrea Burgay.

Luca Curci talks with Timespecific aka Isolde Kille, during MIXING IDENTITIES, the third appointment of CANVAS ART FAIR, at THE LINE Contemporary Art Space.

Isolde Kille is a contemporary German-American artist known for her experimental approach working in painting, photography, installation and video/film.

Randee Silv talks with Isolde Kille; a message system, documenting the in between as a constant, the history of objects, quasa object, non-objects, hyper realities. Experimentation is mantra!” 

During the three month artist residency at GlogauAIR, I intend to re-visit my old neighborhoods in Berlin and document the city in Photography and Video. Flashes of information, sensations, details, playing with the known and un-known of images and memory in Time and Space. As an end result I imagine a multi layered installation with enlarged detailed photographs and projected video images, scenes… creating a virtual field that connects to an intuitive feeling rather the reading of context.

‘Niemandsland: 1989-92’; a film by Isolde Kille with live music by Saskia van der Giessen ‘Niemandsland’ is a film constructed with photographic images from Isolde Kille’s archive of her documentation of former East Germany shortly after the fall of the wall in 1989. At the beginning of 1990, the former DDR was still very much as it used to be but the infrastructure was crumbling very quickly, therefore Kille documented her surroundings next to her studies of fine art at the Hfbk in Dresden, and UdK in Berlin. Kille also traveled to other smaller villages in the former DDR. The selected images depict situations, places and people in East Berlin, Dresden, Bitterfeld (former industrial part in east Germany), and Potsdam among other places and people along the way. The first screening in Berlin during the Berlinale shortfilm festivals 2019, was accompanied by live music from Saskia van der Giessen. Saskia van der Giessen and Isolde Kille met as students at the HfbK Dresden. They were one of the first students from ‘the west’ to join the Academy in the former GDR.

Constellation NYC documents the photographic journey through New York City during Frieze art fair. The journey started with a performance by Crichton Atkinson and Olimpia Dior at 10am on The High Line at West 14 Street in Chelsea, NY.

Barbed Magazine features the series 'into the woods'. Similar to a Rohrschach test, INTO THE WOODS is mirroring photographic close up shots from my recent visit (2/16) to the Red Woods near San Francisco, California.

The 12th Semiannual Competition at Dave Bown Projects was curated by Kathleen Goncharov, Curator of Contemporary Art, Boca Raton Museum of Art; Irene Hofmann, Director and Chief Curator, SITE Santa Fe; Al Miner, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

RAYOGRAM. Abstract photographic series on black and white fiberpaper

The Island Series are ‘Earth Capsules’, trapping Earth as well as Pigments and Oil paint in-between Glass and Canvas.

The video depicts my inner journey transitioning from New york to New Mexico while living for 13 Months in a Zen Monastery. My intend as an artist was to choose a situation where I can produce free of the pressure of market and at the same time continue my interest about Time, Space and Existence.